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NEW! Following on from our session at last year’s Skoll World Forum on “From Heropreneurship to Collective Leadership”, we are sharing some of our learnings from working with a range of inspirational leaders over the last two years. With their kind permission we share the different routes these leaders are taking, sharing lessons and insights.  

Facilitating Co-leadership that is


powered with vision, innovation & purpose


guided by a dynamic North Star


within a collaborative ecosystem


relationships with clarity & transparency

With Ease

enabling and unblocking flows

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How thriving leadership teams are evolving

Shared Leadership

For founders and CEOs of purpose-led organisations, shared leadership approaches are gaining traction for good reason. A practical way of enabling growth and transformation, they also build leadership capability, increase inclusion, and improve wellbeing.


Embracing the power of  &

Are we moving on from either / or thinking to being comfortable holding what seems in opposition. Clarity & Uncertainty. Individual & Collective. Profit & Purpose. Planning & Emergence.



1. aware of and responding to the environment
2. having knowledge
3. about intentional choices

The Conscious COO

As we strive to be more emergent, more sustainable and ever more effective in these fast changing and uncertain times, it seems a new role may be coming to the fore: that of the Conscious COO.

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