Connecting. Co-creating. Co-leading.

Working together to build impact, sustainability & wellbeing 


Wings & Roots is about being ambitious and optimistic about creating positive change in the world, while grounded in realities.

Building, growing and transforming organisations with, and for, the people and the world around us.

Seeing that life isn’t about either/or but the power of the & the individual & the collective.   freedom & direction.   profit & purpose.  

Going beyond the why and the what, to the how

Moving forwards together, step by step.

Visionaries & Pragmatists.

Wings & Roots

Getting clear on your purpose, principles and priorities, before focusing on the how. Co-creation workshops (online using Mural) crystalise the essence or DNA, helping engage the support to make it happen, and building a high level roadmap to help navigate opportunities and challenges that arise.   

Freedom & Direction

Enabling energised, purposeful teams, that are sustainable and effective, making best use of collective creativity and talents. From facilitated team workshops and individualised support, to practical guidance, frameworks and tools for better ways of working together.

Mind & Movement

Connecting leadership teams through the joy and power of dance, our 4 week online programme of 10 minute sessions will energise your regular meetings, while building trust, collaboration and improving decision making. 

Building impact, sustainability & wellbeing in a way that is


powered with vision, innovation & purpose


guided by a dynamic North Star


within a collaborative ecosystem


relationships with clarity & transparency

With Ease

enabling and unblocking flows

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Embracing the power of  &

Are we moving on from either / or thinking to being comfortable holding what seems in opposition. Clarity & Uncertainty. Individual & Collective. Profit & Purpose. Planning & Emergence.



1. aware of and responding to the environment
2. having knowledge
3. about intentional choices

The Conscious COO

As we strive to be more emergent, more sustainable and ever more effective in these fast changing and uncertain times, it seems a new role may be coming to the fore: that of the Conscious COO.

Leading by the North Star of Purpose

Minimum Viable Ecosystem

Moving from the “Why” and “What” to the “How”, getting clear on your purpose, priorities, and direction is key for building impact, resources and wellbeing. The MVE framework can help.

Conversation is better

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