Wings & Roots is about being ambitious and optimistic about creating positive change in the world, while grounded in realities.  

Building, growing and transforming organisations, with, and for, the people and the world around us. 

Recognising that as collaborative leaders, we increase our impact, sustainability and wellbeing.

Seeing that life isn’t about either/or but the power of the & : the individual & the collective. freedom & responsibility. profit & purpose.

Going beyond the why and the what, to the how.

Moving forwards together, step by step.

Visionaries & Pragmatists.

Sara Ramsey

Sara Ramsey


 Co-leader & Conscious COO

Patrick Andrews

Barefoot Lawyer

Penny Lawrence

Consultant & Coach

We love to help people and organisations evolve, catalysing conversations,  facilitating better ways of working together, and sharing learnings from the inspirational leaders and teams we have the joy of working with.

Connecting. Co-creating. Co-leading.

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