Bringing into being
your way.

Our Wings & Roots programme circle starts in January 2024.  

We’ll focus first on crystallising your concept: the thing you want to develop, grow, or bring to the world. Be prepared to dream big, sharpen your ideas and feel even more purposeful.

We’ll then focus on the how – helping you build your roadmap with clear direction for moving forwards, combining the knowhow and resilience to navigate opportunities and challenges as they arise. We’ll support you to make the best use of your time, energy, experience, resources and networks, and those of the people around you – without the overwhelm.

Driven by dreams & values

We work with people who want to build something, transform something, do something that’s purposeful, sustainable and effective. Individuals with big hearts, big ideas, and even bigger principles.

People who can see that we need a different approach – a better approach – and quickly. Who want to make a change not just for themselves, but also for the people and the world around them. 

Perhaps your idea has been forming for a while, or maybe it is already up and running ready to take to the next level.  Realising that now is the time to act. To do things differently. You might be focusing on big or small changes. 

Either way, you’re ready to step forward with purpose and power. 

You have an idea or vision and you want – need – to make it happen. 

Stepping forward with purpose & power

The question is how?
How do you adapt what feels like a dare-to-dream concept to real life? How to discern between what serves your vision and what doesn’t? How to remain resilient in the face of challenges? How to propel forwards with optimism, while moving through the reality of uncertain times? When to go fast and when to go slow?

That’s why we’ve created this programme circle – to focus on the what, the why AND the how of making your vision a reality. In our experience, the magic really happens when we harness the power of purpose and practicalities – the ambition of what-if? grounded by real-world implementation.

Are you ready to turn your idea or vision into reality in a way that is


powered with vision, innovation & purpose


guided by a dynamic North Star


increasing impact, resources and wellbeing


with radical transparency

With Ease

enabling and unblocking flows

Wings & Roots is for you if you:


  • Are starting out or progressing to the next level
  • Value doing so in a way which meets your own needs and aspirations
  • Feel open to the route to getting there
  • Are keen to consider potential opportunities, issues and challenges early, to move forwards in a way that’s both considered and unstoppable
  • Would like to progress as a peer group for mutual encouragement and support

By the end of our  3 month programme you will have:

  • Crystalised your project idea, motivations and objectives
  • Gained clarity on what’s needed to achieve the next milestone (your Minimum Viable Ecosystem), whether proving viability, gaining investment or scaling up your impact
  • Designed an iterative approach to develop and test your approach, with a roadmap to help you navigate opportunities and challenges as they arise
  • Developed a high level impact, people & money model for decision making, alongside a base for potential business plans and pitch decks. 
  • Developed the clarity, confidence and knowhow to make it happen

Project Circle

Personal introductory call
3 interactive group workshops (2 hours each)
Ongoing peer support from your group

Enterprise Circle
6 interactive group workshops (2 hours each)
2 individual deep dive sessions (1 hour each)
Closing celebration



A tailored programme to progress your purpose for your energy, complexity and potential.
On application

Payable in 3 monthly instalments 

We aim for our programmes to be both accessible and sustainable, but if the fee stands in the way of you joining us please do contact us for a conversation.

We will use the Minimum Viable Ecosystem Methodology, developed and trialled when working with start-ups connected with Impact Hub Geneva and One Young World, and used since with over 100 Founders and CEOs. 

With guest experts and coaches to help you move forwards, this is a unique offering: bringing your concept into reality with practical knowhow to make your vision for good happen, your way.

Programme Circle

We are currently taking applications for the next cohort to start in January 2024. This will be a small group to provide close attention to help develop your how, combined with the valuable sharing of experiences and mutual support from like-minded souls.  If you are intrigued and interested in joining us, get in touch below for a “no pressure” conversation to connect and see whether it’s a match for what you are looking for.

Topics covered through the programme include: 


Head in the clouds and feet on the ground

Getting crystal clear on the needs and aspirations for both you and your vision.


Developing your dynamic North Star

Crystallising your purpose, positioning, principles and priorities – for you and your business. 


Individual deep-dive session

Personalised one-to-one session to deepen your thinking, working with inner/outer tensions.


Drawing the big picture

Mapping flows and rethinking relationships with people, organisations and money.


Fuelling up

Powering your impact, opportunities and profit, with potential scenarios.


Individual deep-dive session

Personalised one-to-one session focused on further developing your approach, especially increasing impact, resilience and profitability.


Identifying the enablers

The people, platforms and processes to make it happen, building a roadmap of purpose, clarity and emergence.


Bringing others with you

Building energised teams and effective collaborations with transparency and mutual benefit to take your concept to the next level.


Closing the circle

Celebrating how far you have progressed individually and as a group, with opportunity for mutual feedback and support, opening up next steps.


Conversation is better

Fill in the form below or email us at and let’s talk.

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