Sharing stories & learnings of Collective Leadership 

Many founders and CEOs are finding shared leadership approaches are not only a practical sustainable way of growing and transforming purpose driven organisations, they can build an organisation’s leadership capability, increase inclusion, and improve wellbeing. 

To help with this, and following on from our session at last year’s Skoll World Forum on “From Heropreneurship to Collective Leadership”, we are sharing practical guidance and learnings from working with a range of inspirational leaders. From co-founders of purpose-led businesses to not for profits distributing power and resources to their communities, there is a wave of organsations transitioning to more collaborative and inclusive leadership.  

With their kind permission, we spotlight our first set of leaders and organisations below, sharing their stories and learnings to inspire and help others. 

Our accompanying blog Shared Leadership: How thriving leadership teams are evolving    also highlights some common traits and considerations from helping a range of leadership teams evolve. We will continue to add to the case studies and learnings, including a soon to be published blog on the Practicalities of Co-leadership. 

We hope you find it interesting and thought provoking for your own journey, and if you would like a conversation, please do get in touch. Alternatively to be kept up to date with information as it is released, please sign up for our newsletter.

Devolving power

Co-founder, Ruth Nussbaum, with the support of her COO, Le Chen, have evolved Proforest into a shared leadership structure, with a hybrid approach combining matrix, hierarchical and franchising models.

From North to South

Following up with Bonnie Chiu, Founder of Lensational, having transitioned power and resources to Kenya.

Co-leading through uncertainty

Debbie Croft and Natalie Wilkins, co-founders of Thriving Talent have navigated and grown their social business through the pandemic, adapting to the market and needs of the community.

The Power of Community

To ramp up their activities, Amanda Brock, CEO of OpenUK, harnessed the expertise and energy of the community.

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